Mission of Abruzzo Operators in TURKEY

“ KUSADASI - IZMIR 26 – 29 ottobre 2013”

With great satisfaction the economic and institutional mission took place in Turkey organized by the Pole for the internationalization of companies of Abruzzo in collaboration with the Special Development Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of the Province of L'Aquila. The delegation, was welcomed with enthusiasm and broad participation from the invitation of the Italian Consulate in Izmir to attend, with some of their own companies operating food and beverage, important promotion events organized by the Italian Consulate and the town of Kusadasi held on 26 -29 October between the cities of Kusadasi , an important tourist resort in western Turkey, and Izmir.

The events created important moments of visibility for the internationalization activities carried out by the POLE and the Chamber of Commerce of the Province of L'Aquila, with the direct participation of its Vice President Dr. Agostino Del RE . The Italian delegation, which saw the participation of ten companies and the association Terra Sana Abruzzo with more than 70 companies with organic products, has been received with great solemnity and interest by the presidents and representatives of the Executive Council of Chambers of Commerce of the city of Kusadasi (Dr. Serdar Akdogan ) and Izmir (Dr. Rebii Akdurak ).

Institutional activities have alternated operations that have created real opportunities for trade relations among the ten companies intervened and important economic Turkish operators.

For our companies has been carried out a training session held by the specialists of Deloitte Turkey which covered aspects of tax and customs duties on imports of products from Italy, the session removed any doubt about the actual functioning of the market through the clarification of all details relating customs duties, excises, housing fund application, VAT and the issuance of licenses for the import.

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