The Region

The Abruzzo Region is a wonderful territory of 10,763 km ² which is bordered in the north by the Marche Region in the east by the Adriatic Sea in the west and south with the Lazio and Molise regions. Rome, Tuscany, Rimini and Apulia only a 2 hours’ drive away. It is 'a mainly mountainous region (65%) and with hills (34%), the plain (1%) consists of a narrow coastal strip along the Adriatic coast that faces Croatia.

The mountains, a unique beauty, reach heights of over 2,000 meters to the apex of the Gran Sasso with its 2,914 meters, offering 21 ski resorts, 115 ski lifts and over 400 km of Nordic ski trails.

In total 36% of the region is subject to environmental protection: the first in Italy, with its three national parks, a regional park and 38 protected areas, including oasis, regional reserves, and state reserves


About 130 km of the coastline is extremely varied. The coastline in the north has wide sandy or gravel shores, which attract many tourists who can rely on a high quality hotels. To the south the landscape changes completely, the coast is high and steep, and the coves and beaches are surrounded by thick Mediterranean vegetation.

Driving just 45 minutes from the beautiful beaches of fine white sand you can reach panoramic peaks, with their amazing range of winter sports and spas of great elegance and quality. In a single day you can taste the typical products of the mountains and the fresh seafood in the cozy restaurants on the beach.

The regional economy is based on the high ratings of private entrepreneurship with significant multinational settlements. The number of firms exceeds 130,000 units.
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Although the limited percentage of flat land, a great development of agriculture , the latter still has a strong weight on the economy of the region. With the industrial and economic development of the region , agriculture has been modernized and now offers products of the highest quality. The fruit production in Abruzzo is estimated to be about 750,000 tons, of which about half peaches, while vegetables are more than 5 million tons. This region is among the first in Italy in the production of figs, carrots, and potatoes; important grape growing , both for the production of table wine, with an average quantity between 3 and 4 million hectoliters inlcuding the production of wines such as Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Cerasuolo (Rosé), Trebbiano d' Abruzzo , Pecorino, Passerina and Chardonnay, equally important is the production of olive oil, whose average annual production of about 240,000 tons, figures that place the Abruzzo Region in sixth place among the Italian regions, as regards to the cereals, durum wheat with more than 1.5 million tons of corn is the prince, followed by wheat (one million tons), and barley (0.5 million tons ), typical products of the region are L'Aquila saffron, the potato of the highlands of Abruzzo, the red garlic of Sulmona, Abruzzo spelt, lentils of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, liquorice grown and processed in the Atri area that sees the region in second place in Italy for production, Campotosto mortadella, pecorino of Farindola and the Canestrato of Castel del Monte, dried pasta, honey Tornareccio and finally the truffles from the Abruzzo Region although little known and publicized are of very high quality, therefore are then often sold in other regions.

Abruzzo is definitely the most industrialized region of the southern Italy together with Puglia. Manufacturing has developed rapidly especially in the food & beverage, fashion, furniture and metalwork sectors.
The Val Vibrata, on the border of the Marche region, is home to a myriad of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in the textile and footwear sector. The furniture industry has also developed in Teramo area. The Val di Sangro, in the province of Chieti, is home to plants instead of important multinational companies (Honda, Honeywell) and an establishment of the Fiat Group Automobiles in joint venture with the PSA Group, Sevel of Atessa, which produces commercial vehicles and is the largest factory in Abruzzo.

De Cecco , Delverde , Cav. Giuseppe Cocco , Rustichella D'Abruzzo , Verrigni , Luigi D'Amico Parrozzo SaS of Pescara, known in Italy and abroad for the pastries with its name, Saila, Brioni , Sixty Group that owns the brands Miss Sixty, Roberta di Camerino , Energie , Killah , Murphy & Nye and RefrigiWear . In addition, Montaliani , Industria Adriatica Confezioni which owns the Rodrigo and Alan Devis, Kimberly -Clark, Ennedue, European Culture . Important factories in yarn industry such as Ferrante and Gran Sasso. The cellars Citra, Tollo, Masciarelli , Valentini, Pasetti. Kromoss for the unique coloration of aluminum, and much more.

These are just some of the important brands, which have already established themselves in the world, demonstrating the quality of the union with the capacity for entrepreneurship and the entire production of the region. This tradition has grown hundreds of entrepreneurs in the world food industries, wine, olive oil, truffles, furniture, fashion, and in metalworking . These heroes, who offer the best industrial quality through niche products and craftsmanship at competitive prices determined by a short chain between producers and importers, they face the foreign market are confident that their excellence exceeds the advertising, that the genuineness attracts international buyers, that convenience of direct negotiation is facilitating the diffusion of an unbeatable typical stubbornness of the people of Abruzzo , universally known as a "STRONG AND GENTLE".