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Abruzzo Italy is the domain owned by the Pole for the Internationalization of companies in Abruzzo , a non-profit consortium founded on 27 June 2012 in Pescara.

The company is recognized and funded as Pole of Innovation by the Government of the Abruzzo Region in context with supporting programs of the European Community.

The institutional purpose and priority of the Company is to foster the conditions for the economic, social and cultural development of more than 70 member companies and any company from the Abruzzo interested in business relationships with foreign countries.

The sectors represented are:

  • The excellence Abruzzo, from pasta to salami, cheese and truffle, from wine to pastries and conserves
  • Furniture and interior design
  • Fashion
  • Building materials , the development of engineering projects
  • The treatment and the colouring of metals



Abruzzo Italy supports companies excelling in "Made in Italy" and resident in Abruzzo and having business relations with all foreign countries.

The Company designs and implements growth paths for entrepreneurs in Abruzzo.

The study of foreign markets and the best business opportunity for high quality products, bring Abruzzo Italy to be present in all the countries eager for the "Made in Italy " quality.

Abruzzo Italy manages the best products of its member companies in the major exhibitions around the world, organizes business to business meetings with buyers from foreign countries.

Abruzzo Italy is a non-commercial and non-profit organization.



The primary objective is to aggregate, within the Pole, an increasing number of member companies with quality products and resident in the wonderful land of Abruzzo.

Abruzzo Italy supports its memebrs in their business strategies and in the study of foreign markets, the preparation of enterprises for relations with foreign customers , incoming missions of qualified buyers and outgoing missions in target countries.

Abruzzo Italy is able to directly reach any factory with quality products requested from abroad.


Abruzzo Italy is radically present in every corner of Abruzzo and represents every product of excellence in any industry through its 70 member companies and contacts of its team.

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors whose members are all entrepreneurs associated with the Pole, young, dynamic and inspired by the cooperation among companies .

The President, Engineer Amedeo Figliolini, coordinates heartly and with self-denial the support to members with the help of colleagues of the Board of Directors, supported by skilled professionals with solid international experience.

Solid research institutes support the Pole in the innovation process of its member companies, such as:

  • University of L'Aquila
  • CRAB - Centre for applied research in biotechnology
  • University Gabriele D' Annunzio of Chieti and Pescara
  • Unimed - Union of Mediterranean Universities
  • AMBI - National Association of Biotechnologists Italian in Bologna
  • SCUT - Urban and Territorial Competitive Development - Pescara
  • Didaciebe - Centro Integrado de Educaçao Brasil-Europa – FATECE /Faculdade de Tecnologia Ciencias e Educa-cao Pirassununga (Brazil)
  • Dida-Verfran – Gestao Em Pesquisa E Educacao Ltda, Faculdade Dourado. San Paolo (Brazil)
  • ICNDCS - International Center for Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems - (Pescara)
  • CultOrale s.c. to R.L. (Messina )